Terms & Conditions

We thank you for staying with West Coast Shores and want you to have a magic experience.  The following Ts&Cs are to protect yourselves, other guests and us and we trust you will cooperate in our endeavors to keep everyone safe and happy.


  • Bookings, deposits and refunds.
  • You may have made your booking directly with us, or through our many booking channels. The various channels have different rules wtr deposits and refunds.  Your booking is subject to those terms, however the following Ts&Cs apply in general.
  • We understand life happens and sometimes you can’t take up your booking. While we are empathetic to genuine cases, we have been seriously financially jeopardized by unscrupulous people in the past. Should life interfere with your booking, please discuss your unique situation directly with me, as soon as possible.
  • Deposit required and refunds (where appropriate for unutilized booked stays) are given depending on many factors. These include leadtime before scheduled stay, length of stay, percentage of total cost, and season for example.  Refunds awarded are governed by the admin cost incurred and the potential of reletting the same suite for the same period at the same rate. 
  • There is no refund for early departures.
  • The following guidelines apply:

Deposits required for bookings from 15 January to 14 December (annual default):

over 1 month – 50% of Total accommodation cost.

less than 1 month – 100% of Total accommodation cost.

Deposit refunds – Leadtime before arrival date from 15 January to 14 December:

over 2 months – 100% refund.

over 1 month – 90% refund.

over 2 weeks – 75% refund.

less than 2 weeks – 0% refund.


Deposits required for bookings from 15 December to 14 January (Peak Season):

over 6 months – 50% of Total accommodation cost.

less than 6 months – 100% of Total accommodation cost.

Deposit refunds – Leadtime before arrival date from 15 December to 14 January:

over 2 months – 50% refund.

over 1 month – 30% refund.

less than 1 month – 0% refund.

  • Breakages and Loss Refundable Deposits are sometimes levied on longer stays. If levied, these will be refunded (less any damages or losses) a maximum of 3 days after departure.
  • Service and Cleaning Fees are sometimes levied where deemed appropriate.


  1. Check-in, Registration, Check-out and Departure, Tariffs & Pax
  • Guest registration forms must be completed and signed on arrival. Your signature indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions, for yourself and all persons in your party.
  • Accommodation bills must be settled before checking in.
  • Other items (eg use of braairoom) that are available at extra cost, will be billed separately for settlement before your departure.
  • Check-in time is usually 15h00. Please ask if you wish to check-in earlier.  This may be granted if the room is available.
  • Check-out time is usually 10h00. Please ask if you wish to retain your room beyond this time.  An extension may be granted if the room is available.
  • Your tariff is dependent on the number of people on your reservation. Rooms must not be used for additional guests.  A surcharge will be levied for any additional person/s staying over.
  • Guests are not permitted to have visitors without requesting permission from your host.


  1. Safety, Security & Liability.
  • Guests at West Coast Shores indemnify the establishment and staff of all risk. The owners of West Coast Shores cc accept no liability whatsoever – and will not be held in any way responsible – for any injuries, illness, death; or loss or damage to guests’ property, during or following their stay at the establishment.
  • Please take security seriously – we may live in a magic relaxing place, but opportunistic petty crime is still a factor.
  • We request guests lock their rooms when going out or going to bed. Please take personal care of your valuable articles. Remember to lock vehicles and trailers etc.
  • Ensure that you leave no valuables visible from outside, in your car, or in your room.


  1. Protocols
  • Guests travelling with children must ensure their children are safe and respectful of other guests, and the establishment facilities. Please – no running in/on the premises.
  • The privacy and peace of guests, residents and neighbours to the property is paramount. It is agreed that guests will conduct themselves in a respectable manner and will not cause any nuisance or annoyance within or around the premises.
  • We welcome the posting on social media of appropriate guest photographs and/or videos taken of the establishment and area but caution that these may infringe on our copyright.  We therefore request you ask for advice beforehand. 


  1. Limitations
  • This is strictly a No Smoking establishment. Smoking will only be permitted outdoors, away from open doors and windows.  Please request an ashtray even for smoking outside. Please don’t throw cigarette ends in the road or on the grass.
  • Guests are not permitted to bring their pets. There are pets on the premises. 
  • There are no communal kitchen facilities nor entertainment areas other than the bookable BraaiKamer OppiBaai. This makes West Coast Shores unsuitable if guests require a whole-house facility.


  1. Catering & Laundry Options
  • We do not offer full self-catering accommodation. Please check before confirming your reservation should this be important to you.
  • There are several restaurants in Jacobsbaai – including our partner restaurant – The Bean & Leaf – for wonderful menus. Takeaways can be arranged with due notice.  There are many other restaurants in the vicinity – please ask for recommendations.
  • Our suites with kitchenettes do not have hobs nor ovens. Some of our suites only have tea/coffee making facilities. Kitchenettes include an undercounter fridge with small freezer space, a sink, microwave, toaster and crockery/cutlery/glassware for the maximum persons in the suite. 
  • Notwithstanding the above – for guests on longer stays – we do have a portable single plate induction hob available on a special damages deposit.
  • There is an iron & ironing board available for guests use on request.
  • Laundry facilities, possibly at a nominal fee, can be arranged – please enquire.


  1. Important Guest Information
  • West Coast Shores does not have a backup system for electricity. During Loadshedding there are emergency lights in the suites which can charge cel phones.  The Loadshedding Schedule is WhatsApp’d when available.
  • You will still have hot water – even during four hour outages. Our geyser system has sufficient storage.
  • WiFi is free (subject to loadshedding). The password/s are included in your suite info leaflet. There is WiFi available in the main house at 20 Perlemoen for business or important contact.  Please enquire.
  • Refreshments & amenities set out in the guest suites are complimentary.
  • Magazines, books & other indoor entertainment are available for onsite use only. Please don’t remove from our premises.
  • For the bay:
    • A double kayak with lifejackets is available for guest use on request.
    • Beach towels are available on request for your use during your visit. Please return J.
  • Food & Beverages
  • WCS does not offer communal or full self-catering facilities. Please ask for advice.
  • Please take care when eating in the suites. Report any spills as soon as possible for cleaning. 
  • Braaiing – Our full service OppieBaai Braaikamer is available at a nominal rate by arrangement. Please ask for information.
  • Please enjoy the many restaurants in the area – our establishment is in the centre of the Cape West Coast Foodie Trail J. We will gladly offer recommendations and do bookings if requested.
  • Housekeeping:
  • Please do not flush foreign objects down the toilets, wrap & place in bin in the bathroom.
  • Reducing the wash load of towels is a great saving on water as it is a precious resource.
  • Should you need clean towels, we will gladly supply.
  • Always leave heated towel rails ON to ensure dry towels. Fold & stack used towels on the rail.
  • Our amenities – The Ocean Forest Collection – are inspired by the kelp forests beneath the surface of our local waters. Seaweed is known for abundant healing properties in skin care products. The Ocean Forest Collection is a Teal Blue color reflective of the ocean. The fragrance in this collection is an ozonic minty citrus with a base of woody amber & musk.


  1. Legal stuff
  • In the unlikely case of contravention of the above requirements, and after a single verbal warning, management has the right to request the misbehaving guest/s to vacate the area, or their suite forthwith, and the guest/s shall be bound to vacate when requested to do so. In serious cases of disrespect, management also has the right to remove the guest’s luggage and belongings from the room occupied by the guest. This also applies to any alcohol or substance abuse by guests.
  • The guest shall be solely liable and responsible to WCS management, other guests, and staff for all loss – financial or otherwise – and/or damage that may be caused by, or because of the guests’ negligence and/or non-observance of instructions.
  • Goods or activities leading to any combustible or hazardous or objectionable nature are prohibited on the premises. This includes but is not limited to flammable objects, gambling, prostitution, weapons, poisons, drugs, guests’ pets, and pungent food.
  • If guests fail to vacate rooms timeously, WCS shall have the right to remove the guest/s and their belongings from the room occupied by the guest.
  • Arrangements to return goods left behind by guests will be assisted by management with costs incurred to the guests’ account. After 30 days, left goods will be deemed abandoned.
  • The owners are deemed to be in full and absolute possession of the whole of the establishment’s premises and nothing shall constitute any tenancy or sub-tenancy.
  • Guests are requested to abide by all applicable Government acts, laws, rules and regulations.